Art Time Charges

$65.00 PER HOUR

An estimate will be provided before we start working on your artwork. Please take into account that the estimated price may change depending on if more, or less, time is needed to complete your project

If you are submitting your artwork…

Please double check to make sure your graphics are print-ready files. Here is a checklist to ensure your file is ready to go:

1. Is it the correct size or scale?
Double check your artwork’s sizing to ensure it matches the final size being requested. We will add the necessary bleed(s) for the required finishing.

2. Is your file the right resolution?
In Photoshop, please view your graphic at 100%. This will enable you to see how your artwork will look when printed. We advise that raster files be saved with a resolution of 200 dpi at final size.

3. What color mode is your file using?
Your file must be set in CMYK mode. Colors may vary when converting from RGB mode. For an additional fee, a color matching service is available if your artwork has specific values that must be printed.

4. Have you checked your art for spelling errors?
It is your responsibility to proof-read all of your text. Please check your artwork for spelling or grammatical errors before submitting your print file. We cannot accept financial liability for errors that have been found once the item(s) have been produced. If needed, we can provide a PDF proof before production begins.

5. Are your fonts converted and links embedded?
In an effort to prevent a delay in your job being produced, we ask that all fonts used to be converted to outlines, as well as embedding any links that may be used.

We accept files in the following format

Adobe Illustrator (.ai), Adobe Photoshop (.psd or .psb), Adobe Acrobat (.pdf), CorelDraw (.cdr), Flexi-Sign (.fs), Encapsulated Post Script (.eps), Tagged Image File Format (.tiff), and high resolution .jpg files. Any other files/formats may result in an undesired end product.

Color Matching

Although digital printers do not print Pantone (PMS) colors, our production team can manually adjust the color output to match specific PMS colors upon your request. Pantone colors that are embedded into your artwork may not be seen when we check your file. It is best to specify each color, in writing, that needs to be matched at the time the order is placed. Please ask us about our color matching services when uploading your files. Regular art time charges will apply for any color matching being done.

Large Format Digital Printers

Vutek GS5000R

Our Vutek GS5000R prints on a wide variety of roll-to-roll substrates up to 16′. It’s eight color, white and Fast-4 capabilities. Dual resolution of 600 dpi (24pL) or 1000 dpi (12 pL) allows you to stay ahead of the competition in any application.

Vutek GS3250

Our Vutek GS3200’s & GS3250 HDP produces eye-popping pictures that print direct to rigid substrates as well as roll to roll decals, banners and paper, with its print resolutions of up to 1000 dpi, eight-color imaging plus white.

VuteK HS100 Pro

The EFI™ VUTEk® HS100 Pro is a high-speed digital UV inkjet press that represents a true alternative to analog equipment. Innovative imaging technology driven by the Orion OS software platform delivers critical color accuracy and consistency. Features a 3.2 meter hybrid digital UV press that handles up to 100 boards per hour; up to 70 boards per hour in Point-Of-Purchase mode (600 dpi binary print mode).

Soljet Pro III XC-540

Our Soljet Pro III XC-540 allows 6 color-printing on a wide variety of roll-to-roll substrates uncoated or coated with contour cuts. With up to 1440 dpi resolution.

Soljet Pro III XJ-740

Our Soljet Pro III XJ-740 allows 6 color-printing on a wide variety of roll-to-roll substrates uncoated or coated. With up to 1440 dpi resolution.

Roland XR-640

With its two inline, mirrored print heads, integrated printing and contour-cutting technology, and new environmentally-friendly Eco-SOL MAX 2 inks, The Pro 4 XR-640 large-format color printer delivers both greater productivity and unsurpassed image quality. The Pro 4’s dual print heads allow 7 or 8-color configurations, maximize output and help eliminate bi-directional banding.

Hi-Fi Express FP-740

Our Hi-Fi Express FP-740 Dye Sublimation printer allows 6 color-printing. With up to 1440 dpi resolution.
Latex Printers

HP L25500 60″ & L360 64″

Our HP L25500 60″ & L360 64″ printers allow 6 color-printing on a wide variety of roll-to-roll substrates. With up to 1200 dpi resolution.
HP L360

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